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Pregnancy Resources

What Are My Chances of Becoming Pregnant?

One of the biggest misconceptions about sex and pregnancy is that it is difficult to get pregnant. While it is undeniable that some women have trouble conceiving, unplanned and unexpected pregnancies are still a regular occurence. If you’re sexually active, you owe it...

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How to Tell My Boyfriend I’m Pregnant

When you’re in a committed relationship, planning your pregnancy announcement can be exciting and fun. However, if you weren’t planning to become pregnant, this moment can turn into a nerve wracking experience. We understand that it can be scary to find out you’re...

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Getting Past the Fear of Pregnancy

One of the most common things we see in women who come to DAZZ Orangeburg is fear. Fear that their lives will be derailed by pregnancy; fear that their loved ones and friends won’t accept them; fear of being a bad parent. More than anything, these women are afraid of...

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